Be A Bad A** Bitch on a Budget!

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In today’s day in age it seems like everyone could be struggling with that cash flow. You might have kids, maybe you just need extra cash for rent, or those cute, not so little things, we call student loans. This stress could be a huge burden and more times than not keep you tossing and turning all night long!

But what if we told you there’s so many ways to budget, and still be the Bad A** Bitch you truly are!


Today We’re Giving You Our Top Four Ways to Be A Baddie on a Budget!



The Mason Jar Method 


Divide up your spending into four sections (maybe something like bills, dreams, travel, savings)! You can get cute mason jars and label them your spending categories (you can also use envelopes, boxes, folders, etc.) This will budget you, so all your bills get paid as you still get to do all the fun things you want too!



Out With The Old IN With The New 



Make a few ground rules when shopping, whenever you want something new, just sell an old of clothing item, pair of shoes, or something you don’t wear anymore!  There are so many apps you could do this on and after a while it becomes like trading in old stuff for new stuff and keeping your cash in your pockets!


Make Food At Home 



So many people, including myself, are guilty of going out for food way to often. Whether it’s a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich before heading to your nine to five or grabbing a quick dinner on the way home from work—it could certainly add up. Just take a little time out of your weekend or just some time in the mornings to pack food—this could not only be good for your wallet but healthier too!


Treat Yourself 


Have a day out of the week where you treat yourself (nothing too excessive). This will keep you from splurging like crazy and keep the stacks rising in the bank account!

 I hope you found all these steps helpful, and we will be posting tons of other savvy spending tricks to keep you on top of your Bad A** Budget! Good Luck Girl!



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