Don’t Be Basic…Be BeYOUtiful!

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In today’s day in age its super easy to get caught up in all the BS and forget to be yourself. Whether you are chasing after all the latest trends or just trying to fit in—its time to be yourself.

Our advice is to take a break from social media (maybe a few days to a week) and instead of connecting with others, try and reconnect with yourself! After all you must be the most awesome person you know!

Now, you might be thinking… “What the hell am I supposed to do with all that time?”

Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you covered!

 Here’s Our Step By Step Process to Take The Perfect Social Media Break!

1. Let All Your Friends and Followers Know You Plan on Taking a Break!

You don’t want anyone to worry, so just post a quick update letting everyone know you need to take some well-deserved time to focus on yourself! This will ensure you wont get flooded with messages thinking something happened to you!

2. Plan Some Activities 

Go to the mall, maybe hang out with your closest friends, or possibly plan out an amusement park day! This will keep you busy and take your mind off any social media temptations!

3. Have Deep Conversation With The People Closest To You 

Plan a night, have some wine, and let out all your emotions with your besties or even your family! This will help you connect with the people who matter most and by association also reconnect with your most genuine self!

4. Journal Your Thoughts 

5. Do What Makes You Happy 

Lastly, and most obvious of all, do whatever makes you happy—whether it is binge watching your favorite show or going out for brunch with your girls, you should totally go with it!

 So, now that you feel BeYOUtiful, share the love and give people your new found advice by sharing this blog with your friends, followers, and family!


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