Glow Up & Get Over It—The Ultimate Break Up Guide!

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Hello Ladies,

Chances are if you’re a breathing, living human being you have been through something called a breakup. You may have thought you found your forever soulmate and put all your time and effort into something that just ultimately did not work out!


Well, I’m here to tell you to pull yourself together and find that inner independent woman who does not need no man! You need to get up, put that carton of ice cream in the garbage, wipe the tears, and focus on you!


After all, the best type of revenge is a glow up and once your ex realizes what their missing they will be begging on their knees to have you back and you could flip your freshly done hair and walk your cute self away!



Keep Reading For A Step By Step Guide To Glow Up & Get Over It


1. Get Up


Girl stop feeling bad for yourself, literally everybody goes through breakups—it may suck now but trust me it’s for the better. The best thing you can do is take this time to be on your own and try to find yourself, because at the end of the day that’s all that truly matters.



2. Get You Hair and Nails Done


Nothing says I’m over you like cutting all your hair off and a fresh acrylic set—and if you really want to take it that extra step goes for a crazy color! This is an important step, because not only will this change your outward appearance but internally, you’ll start to develop a degree of personal growth!



3. Go Shopping


Go to the mall and get yourself some fresh new outfits because you totally deserve it! You could even take a few of your besties to talk stuff out and get some opinions on your new threads!



 4. Go Out


Plan nights out with your friends and family—this will get your mind off everything and give you a chance to socialize and do something fun.



5. Focus on Yourself



It’s important when going through the trauma of a breakup to allow yourself to feel through out the entire process. Whether you need to journal your emotions or maybe just cry in a random parking lot, your emotions are valid, and you deserve to let them out any way that makes you feel better!



 6. Get Over It



This won’t happen overnight, and it might even take a few months or even years, and that’s totally fine. Eventually you’ll look back on this moment and laugh about it! Just enjoy life and be thankful for the things you had even if they couldn’t last!


Good Luck Girl!!!


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