How To Be An “It” Girl!

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Everybody has been obsessed with the “it” girl since the begging—whether it is a celebrity, a social media influencer, or even someone in your close friend group!

The truth is everyone wants to either be with her or be her, there is no in between! So, today we have a few simple tips to ensure your spot as the “It” Girl!

Let’s Not Waste Time & Get Straight To The Basics!

Give Yourself A Glo Up!

Get your hair done, treat yourself to a manicure/ pedicure, and go makeup shopping. “It” girls not only need to be on their best behavior but look good as well. If you make it a habit to take care of your appearance, you’ll not only look good but fell good too!

 Post A Ton On Social Media! 

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and every other social media should be used on the daily and filled with all the pictures of your hot self and exciting day to day life! This will make sure everyone knows how awesome you are and get yourself a top-ranking score in the “it” girl list!

Be Nice To Everyone 


The #1 rule of being an “it” girl, is to be nice to everyone, because to make it to the top you have to be on your best behavior! So, give back to charity, compliment a random person, and hold the door for the next person standing—trust me, this all adds up and will def get you where you need to be!

Be Yourself 

The absolute MOST important thing is to be yourself, because being genuine is the ultimate “it” girl factor! This will open you up to genuine relationships and a better self-image, and of  course, automatic “it” girl status!

 Hope you enjoyed this fun play on being #1, remember ladies there is nothing better than being yourself—Have an Amazing Day Girl!

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