How To Dominate Daylight Savings! ⏰😜

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 With today being daylight savings and the clocks turning on back, loosing that extra hour of sleep most likely has you struggling. But, don’t worry because we have the top five ways to get you feeling fresh and energized, so you could have the most productive daylight savings ever!


First: Set Your Clock Back


This step is super important, although most of you have smart phones, you could never be too prepared! This will ensure you don’t arrive to work or school an hour late!


Second: Take a Cold Shower


There’s nothing like a cold shower to get you up and ready on the morning—afterwards you’ll feel like you didn’t even miss a full hour of sleep!


Three: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee


I can’t stress this enough, go pick up your fancy little double espresso from your local coffee shop (or just drink anything with a LOT of caffeine)—this way even if you start getting tired the caffeine can act as a little pick-me-up throughout the day!


Four: Plan Out Your Time


Account for the lost hour of sleep and go to bed a little earlier, although it might be a little hard, this will make it so you don’t actually loose and hour of sleep in the first place!


Five: Take It Easy


Daylight savings could be a crazy concept, but it’s just something we have deal with—so, take it easy on yourself and make it your best and most productive daylight savings ever!


 Good Luck Girl!!!


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