How To Dominate The Fashion World In A Few Simple Steps!

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The fashion world is constantly changing and upping its game—and more times than not it’s super hard to keep up—One second big buckle boots were trendy and now it’s anything thigh high, literally what’s going on!

So, today we are giving you the best tips to stay on top of the trends and not fall behind, that would be tragic!








Make sure you follow all the trend setters on Instagram—this includes but is not limited to top celebrities, social media influencers, and basically any blog (like this one)







Make Make a fashion inspiration board, at least every few months, this will ensure you to be on top of all the latest styles! Plus, you'll the option to personalize it to meet your fashion wants/ needs.







You can always upgrade your own clothes yourself—you’ll need a pair of scissors, hot glue, needle and thread, some extra fabric, and any thing you feel would take it to the next level. With this tip, you can turn that old, beat up t -shirt into a cute skirt!







Don’t get rid if your clothes, because trends literally always come back—your stuff in storage or fold them up and shove them under your bed! So, when the fashion statement surfaces again all you have to do is grab it and your good to go!









Go to a thrift store—you’ll be surprised how much of people’s trash is your treasure. The local thrift store offers up so many trends and if you see something that could be cute you can always go back up and follow step three to make it fit the modern fashion world.




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