How To Get Him To Propose!

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Ladies we all know how it is, you keep dropping hints and he gives you a smile and moves on with his day. You want that big, huge, HUMONGOUS rock—but he’s just not budging. Well, stop wasting your time and take our advice, follow these simple steps and he’ll be down on his knee in no time at all!

Take Notes Ladies…



1. Act Uninterested




Quit with the subtle hints and act like you just don’t care, this will keep him on his toes and wonder if you are planning to move on to the next thing, even though you have a few tricks up your sleeve.



2. Start Going Out With Friends More 



Whether it’s happy hour or Friday night out at the club, make sure to post a ton on social media, so he knows all the fun you could have without him! This will have him start worrying and maybe make him question if he should go out and buy the ring NOW!



3. Reverse Psychology 





Start saying that you don’t think you want to get engaged anymore and blame it on timing. This will get him where it hurts—right in the ego! Plus, he will start thinking of all the time you will have to get away from him if he doesn’t act fast!



4. What Now???





If he's not down on one knee by now, it’s time to pull out the big guns—tell him it’s either now or never and I bet in the next few weeks you’ll have your ring and be on to a happy and bright future!



Good Luck Ladies!!!



You can always just talk significant other and have an adult conversation and go over both of your wants and needs, but if that doesn’t work refer back to steps 1-4! 😊 




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