Make Em’ Do A Double Take!

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We have all been there before—getting all dressed up, going out, and absolutely nothing after that. We might not like to admit it, but we all paint out the scene that someone will sweep us off our feet and straight into their hearts whenever we go out!  

So, let’s make sure that all those hotties look right at you every time you step out into the club with just a few simple steps!

Here We Go Hotties! 


Make Direct Eye Contact




Nothing says I’m flirting with you like a cute little stare of seduction. This will let him know your interested and you’ll totally look sexy when doing it. So, get out there and stare into the soul of your future hottie!



Be Straight Forward 






Nothings better than a girl who knows exactly what she wants, especially when it comes to getting guys—just go up to the hot stuff and say you want him!  Trust me, this legit could work!



Look Your Best 




Make sure you freshen up in the bathroom before approaching your future bae—you wouldn’t want to have smell bad, possibly have smudged liner/mascara, or even worse something in your teeth!




Have A Good Time 



Afterall this dating scene could be tough and the best thing to do could be trying your best and laughing the rest out!



Have A Great Time Girl…

You Got This!





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