Who Is Your Perfect Soulmate?

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Most of us spend our whole life doing the seemingly impossible, falling in love! Whether we’re looking in the wrong places or simply don’t have the courage to put ourselves out there—it could be tough!

But what if we had the perfect match for you and all you have to do is read this blog which is a small task for possible happiness!

We have done scientific research to find the perfect person for you and separated them into four categories! The Sweetheart, The Sporty Dude, The Nerd, and The Funny Guy!


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The Sweet Heart 

If you love getting flowers, love notes, and surprise kisses—this is the perfect guy for you. He will always answer all calls/texts and be there whenever you need him. Plus, he’s super good at cuddling and deep conversation!


The Sporty Dude 




If you love to stay active and have someone to keep you up on your goals—the sporty dude is the best bae for you! He will build you up and brag about you to all his friends, and this guy is a hottie (which is a total plus).



The Nerd 



If you love to have intellectual conversation and basically have a walking/ breathing Google—the nerd is your soulmate. He will bring you your favorite books and be able to treat you well (because lets face it he’s going to have a well-paying job).


The Funny Guy


If you love corny jokes and laughing until your practically on the floor—the funny guy is your match made in heaven! He will never fail to make you laugh and when your feeling down he is the first one you call!


So, you're literally just a few steps away from the love of your life—evaluate, take some notes if you have to, and go out there & find your future bae!




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